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41 months ago
Nash replied to the topic Re: New guy in the forums.
Nick - welcome as well!

Where's your home break? Can you share some pictures?
Nov 28
56 months ago
created a new topic Earl in the forums.
So many good waves from this swell...
Sep 07
57 months ago
replied to the topic in the forums.
chuck white wrote:

When I 1st looked @ the logo, my eyes quickly processed LIGUIDO. = Long Island Guido

Aug 01
replied to the topic Re:New pic on surfline.....brazil....crazy in the forums.
I need some waves!!!!
Aug 01
58 months ago
Nash and mckay are now friends
Jun 30
Nash replied to the topic Re:web page e-mail address in the forums.
German -- send it to nash at eastcoastbodyboarding dot com

Look forward to hearing from you!
Jun 26
Nash replied to the topic Re:any cheap gyms in Momouth County? in the forums.
don't have any names for you, but sometimes if you tell them you are a college student home for the summer, they will waive fees or give you a summer rate.

Is there a 24 hr fitness near there?
Jun 26
Nash replied to the topic Re:Welcome to Your New Forum! in the forums.
damn man! nice! how was the trip? any pics to share with us? how was the scene?

thanks for the comments!
Jun 26
Nash replied to the topic Re:Welcome to Your New Forum! in the forums.
Thanks guys!

Rob -- great to hear from you! I was wondering where you'd been. Sounds like "in the water" is the answer -- awesome man!

And believe it or not, actually it's been TEN (10) YEARS of the site being in existence! The six years is just on the last design/site (which was quite innovative at the time it was introduced! )

Is Facebook connect working for you guys?
Jun 25
Nash and are now friends
Jun 22
Nash created a new topic Welcome to your new home in the forums.
Hello Fellow Spongers of the East,

After six great years of the old design and site, we're SUPER STOKED to launch the new ECBB! We'll post a formal welcome message within the next week or so describing all the cool features, and we'll likely be doing some testing over the next few days, but here it is, for you loyal forum users!

In the meantime, PLEASE let us know any bugs or things you think could be improved. We're all ears, and we want to make this the best bodyboarding forum out there, period.

In the meantime, check out some of the sick features in the community portal:
ECBB Community.

And also enjoy all the great new forum features as well.

Stay Stoked!

--- Nash
Jun 21
59 months ago
Nash, replied to the topic Re:test of new thread in the forums.
Thanks for checking. Did you try out Facebook Connect by any chance?
May 17
uploaded a new avatar.
May 17
replied to the topic Re:Testing in the forums.
This is a test brought to you by a case of the Monday's!
May 17
60 months ago
Nash and Nash are now friends
May 14